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three workers stacking hay onto a wagon drawn by a horse
Haytime, Towneley Park

Parts of the park are still used for agriculture and hay is still mown.

two swans sit in front of the pond in front of the hall, looking out onto the park
The lake, Towneley Park
another swan sat in front of the pond with a track snaking off into the distance up a hill

The pond and Deer Park dates from the Towneley’s time. The first recorded mention of deer in the park is 1742, all but disappearing in 1856. Today they are a common sight.

looking across the park with football pitches and fenced off areas

Smallholdings were laid out in the park and remains of these can be seen today. The medieval gold posy ring found on the smallholdings was given to the museum in 1936 and is on display in the Old Burnley Room. 

a view across the parkland to the town
Brunshaw and Towneley Smallholdings ca. 1930
close up of a golden ring with engraved letters and patterns inside and out
gold posy ring

Towneley in autumn, 1995.

the hall surrounded by trees and green fields
Towneley in autumn