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A group of men playing bowls, chatting and enjoying the game

The bowling green on the site of part of the Towneley’s kitchen garden.

Seven uniformed men, they look like traffic wardens, with scooters, and one man in a suit and tie - all stood to attention

The first park rangers, 1963.

Two elderly men in an allotment. The man on the right in flat cap and overalls looks directly to camera

Joseph Barwise, formerly of Cumbria, was an internationally renowned grower and breeder of dahlias. Many had local names such as Towneley Park, Brooklands, Reedley and Rimington.

a colorised image (from the front of a postcard?) of Towneley Nursery with plants growing over rocks
View of Towneley Nursery, Burnley from J. F. Barwise
Back of a postcard, from  JF Barwise, Towneley Nursery
Four men in suits (one with a flat cap) surrounded by flowers
A man in a suit crouched down by two peacocks, one showing off its full tail fan, in front of Towneley Hall windows
The peacock at Towneley Hall with Mr. Tomlinson, curator

William Tomlinson with his best pals the Towneley peacocks.