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a tree framed view across fields with Towneley nestled below gentle hills and deer grazing in the foreground
A View of Towneley Hall by George Barret (1728 – 1784)

A Distant View of Towneley painted by George Barret in 1777. The topography is correct.

a closer view of Towneley Hall. Cows and chickens graze the lawn, workers shelter from the sun under the trees. the whole picture has an orange hue suggesting a hot day or the start of Autumn
Towneley Hall by J.M.W. Turner, R.A.

Towneley Hall painted by JMW Turner about 1798.

overhead view of a building with a large central archway the trees are bare and the shadows are long
Towneley Stables by Joseph Crabtree

A View of Towneley Stables painted by Joseph Crabtree about 1950. The building was used as ‘Refreshment Rooms’ soon after the park was opened.

watercolor painting showing stone memorial in front of a small pond with swans. The memorial features two grieving women either side of a triptych of war time servicemen
Design for War Memorial at Towneley Park by Cyril A Farey

A design for the War Memorial at Towneley Park painted by Cyril A Farey in 1924. 

brightly coloured with large brush strokes, a view of towneley hall with hedges and tres in front. A vibrant and fun image
Towneley Hall by Ivan Cuba

Towneley Hall painted by Ivan Cuba in 1955.

castellated building with archway and trees, all in shadow as the only light is a full moon directly behind
Entrance to Towneley Park by Moonlight around 1925 (attributed to Ralph Green)

Entrance to Towneley Park by Moonlight, unknown artist attributed to Ralph Green.

lots of greens in the grass and trees surrounding a lane that leads to Towneley Hall
Towneley Hall by David Wild
the same view of the lane leading up to the hall, but more sketchy, looser style
watercolour sketch of Towneley Hall by David Wild

Towneley Hall painted by David Wild in 1993 and 2010.

The paint is applied in a way to make everything look soft, lush green grass and trees with the hall hiding behind foliage. People walk their dogs and a child plays football
Towneley Hall by Liam Spencer

Towneley Hall painted by Liam Spencer in 1997. This was purchased from Liam after his first public show at Towneley Hall.

vibrant colours and energetic up and down strokes with a colourful towneley hall surrounded by trees and fronted by its pond with fountain and ducks. A parent holds a child's hand as they walk near the pond
Towneley Hall by Olivia Pilling

Towneley Hall painted by Olivia Pilling in 2011. Olivia painted this over several weekends at Towneley.