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predenastyc pot towneley hall

Lady O’Hagan, who was the last person to live at Towneley Hall, had a close friendship with John Garstang.

John was born in Blackburn and came from an academic family. After studying mathematics he became one of the pre-eminent Egyptian archaeologists of the early 20th century.

Lady O’Hagan helped sponsor John’s excavations in Egypt. In return he sent items back to her and to Towneley Hall, including this object.

This grave pot pre-dates the rule of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, making it over 5,000 years old. Painted in monochromatic red over light brown, this clay pot depicts a common scene on pots of this period – that of a fairly large boat upon the River Nile, propelled by multiple oars.

The craft is most likely taking the deceased upon a symbolic journey to the temple of the god who ruled the realm of the dead.

Egypt - c3300 - 3100 BC