Parkinsons’ Kilkof and Kures > Sore Throats and Chesty Coughs

Self-help had built the town’s first large dedicated hospital – The Vic – in 1886. Though run and maintained ‘by the people’ many still had to rely on over the counter cures. Parkinsons’ bridged the gap with a huge range of homely medicines with none more so than cough mixture.

Kilkof became one of their most famous products – Croaky? Take Kilkof…


Parkinsons’ most famous and beloved products featured a playful illustration of a unwell toad taking his much needed medicine. The label is shown here on an original bottle complete with cork.


Kilkof was also available in cube and promised to Tackle The Tickle in a lozenge form.

Sooth and Quench

In addition to Kilkof, Parkinsons’ also sold a variety of cough sweet, soothing lozenges and treatments to cure a sore throat or persistent cough, with flavours ranging from liquorice, lime, rose water to Indian bark and even the exotic and tropical pineapple.