The manufacturing chemist firm established by Richard Parkinson lasted nearly 150 years. Richard was born in Salterforth near Colne c1816 and spent much of his early life around that area. He set up a chemist business with his brother in 1848 but it was when it moved to Burnley and under the influence of his two sons that the company thrived. Manufacturing was based around Curzon Street remaining there until closure in 1983. Products, especially pills, were made in their thousands destined for a pre NHS market to be bought from corner shops. As sales increased the family moved from a small house to their ‘pill castle’ on Clevelands Road, Burnley. Richard’s face appeared on many of their products and the name was featured on many a gable end.

The labels are just a few which are in Towneley’s collection. They were given in 1982 shortly before the firm closed and many came with a printing date – mainly early 20th century.