100 Stories > Coal Clough School memorial (1920)

Remembrance engendered memorials. Between 1919-1923 many were unveiled in schools, churches, clubs and workplaces.

The one at Coal Clough showed features common in other memorials. Men are commemorated on other memorials (Burnley Lads memorial and Mount Pisgah memorial.)

The Royal Edward is represented (John Farrar) as is the Somme (Fred Ashworth) and Third Ypres (George Cowpe) and there are two sets of brothers (Kay and Greenwood.)

Families and children were involved at the unveiling – Gladys Mercer and Freda Greenwood lost brothers.

Although there is no apparent order to the list of names (former teachers are first) it was realised names had been missed. These were added later on a separate panel.