Just over 100 years ago the world order was shattered by the start of a war that had an impact like no other, before or since.

A large percentage of the world’s inhabitants were directly affected by the conflict we still call the Great War. Our own town of Burnley did not escape the consequences. More than 17,000 men were to serve in the war, of whom almost 4,000 gave their lives. Many other men never recovered, physically or emotionally.

The effects on the town were enormous, leaving hundreds of newly married widows struggling to bring up very young children without the aid of anything even resembling our current benefits system. Fiancées were deprived of the opportunity of sharing a life with their own ‘sweetheart’ and, of course, a huge number of parents were left to grieve.

Mike Townend, senior curator at Towneley Hall, Burnley, has brought together a fascinating collection of photographs and stories, submitted by people who wished to share their own ‘story’- either of a family member or someone who has left his (or her) mark through the passage of the years.

These posts have been arranged into a timeline which gives you a feel for some of the effects of the war on the town as they evolved. It’s a fascinating collection thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, especially Mike who has managed to put the whole thing together. Andrew Gill Chairman Western Front Association (East Lancashire Branch) www.burnleyinthegreatwar.info