Cliviger, Hurstwood and Worsthorne

Cliviger remains an area made up of small, diverse settlements although the spread of housing has made boundaries less clear. The settlements were semi rural with a small cotton mill, coal mines, potteries, brewery, farms and churches. The area is cut through by the railway and there was once a plan to link the Rochdale and Leeds Liverpool Canals by one through the Cliviger valley. The Holme was associated with local antiquary Dr TD Whitaker whose History of the Parish Read more>>

Special delivery – Towneley’s Top Five

Five: An un-posed photograph. The road is Keighley Road in Colne with a chap zipping by on his bike and others relying on shanks’ pony. The two workmen are engaged in conversation with someone who is partly hidden across the street. Much has changed but much remains. All that’s missing is a tram. For a modern view see google maps. Four: Janie sent the card below to Dora who was away in the local September holiday. The two would understand Read more>>

Find Me

Groups either – organised or not – were a favourite with commercial photographers. They offered interest, enhanced composition and faces on cards would sell which then gave the opportunity to send it along with a ‘pick me out’ message. Children pose for the camera as the factories turn out. Elizabeth Jane (Janie) was living with her husband, child Jack, sister-in-law and widowed mum nearby. She was in her mid-20’s when she posted the card. Photographed and published by Richard Broughton Read more>>


Dora came from Burnley and lived above the family grocer’s shop in the Daneshouse area of town. She had seven siblings with one being born in Australia where the family lived for a short time before returning to Lancashire. She worked in the cotton industry as a weaver. Dora died a spinster in 1963. A family relation, Ernest from New Zealand, is pictured in service uniform during the Great War. He returned to New Zealand after the war and died Read more>>