Dora came from Burnley and lived above the family grocer’s shop in the Daneshouse area of town. She had seven siblings with one being born in Australia where the family lived for a short time before returning to Lancashire. She worked in the cotton industry as a weaver. Dora died a spinster in 1963. A family relation, Ernest from New Zealand, is pictured in service uniform during the Great War. He returned to New Zealand after the war and died Read more>>

Trafalgar Street

Trafalgar was an area of densely occupied housing surrounded by mills and factories.

Comic Cards

One of these has been cut down but the message is clear. ‘Marble Arch’ linked Springfield Road and Marlborough Street and had a colliery tramway (ginny) on top from Towneley pit to the canal. The ‘arch’ was demolished in 1903 and the ginny taken underground.