Gerald A Arbuthnot (1872-1916)

Gerald was born into an army family. He served in the navy in the late 19th century before moving into politics. He was Burnley’s MP in 1910 and re-joined the navy in 1914 before transferring to the Grenadier Guards in 1916. Gerald was killed in action in September and is buried in a cemetery on the Somme.

Albert Wilson (1897-1939)

Albert served in the Royal Navy from 1913-1926. He was on a ship which was torpedoed and he spent more than five hours in the water before being rescued. He was reported missing, arriving home shortly before the notice of his death did! After the war, Albert worked as a hospital porter and postman. He joined the Navy reserve in 1939 but died the same year.

Frederick Abbott (1885-1918) Thomas Percy Wills (1886-1916)

Brothers-in-law Frederick and Thomas came from the Burnley Wood and Healey Wood areas of the town. Frederick’s wife’s youngest brother Thomas served in the Navy. Frederick is pictured on the left. Both men were to die in the war. Thomas was lost (together with all 857 hands) when the cruiser, the Black Prince, was sunk at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. Frederick was killed in 1918. His brother Nathaniel was also killed in the war.

James Mackie (1887-1950)

James was born in Burnley and volunteered for the Royal Navy at the age of 16. As Leading Seaman he served on nine ships and submarines in the later stages of the war. He was awarded four British (including a spray of oak leaves for being Mentioned in Dispatches) and two Russian medals. James also served in World War ll as an instructor on deep sea diving and submarines. James Andrew, his son, was lost at sea serving on a Read more>>