25th May 2024 -
16th Jul 2024


Zoffany at Sotheby’s

Charles Towneley and Friends in His Library at Park Street, Westminster, by Johann Zoffany (1733–1810) is on loan to Sotheby’s as part of London: An Artistic Crossroads BY ANDREW GRAHAM-DIXON.

Sotheby’s and Art UK will celebrate this cultural moment by bringing together a special loan exhibition of 12 masterpieces from 12 distinguished UK institutions, including Towneley’s Johann Zoffany’s Charles Townley and Friends in His Library at Park Street, Westminster.

London: An Artistic Crossroads will include works by international artists whose creativity flourished in London. Sotheby’s and Art UK will celebrate London’s role as a nexus for artistic innovation and the exchange of ideas, which has created a unique, multifaceted and rich culture that transcends art.

How art from 12 British Museums Came Together


In this podcast you’ll hear insights from the directors of each of the 12 museum (including Twoneley Hall) offering a rare chance to uncover the unique narratives behind each work, celebrating London’s reputation as a multicultural melting pot of creativity.

Temporary closure notice

The Hall is temporarily closed until Spring 2025 for essential repairs and restoration.

  • The shop, Park Life Cafe and toilets remain open
  • Look out for events and craft activities in the Lecture Theatre
  • Selected school workshops will continue
  • Towneley Park is always free to enjoy

You can still explore our collection on Art UK, the online showcase for art in every UK public collection.