Wild About Burnley

Wild about Burnley

The fascinating Wild About Burnley exhibition focuses on the natural world around Burnley and includes creatures from the hall’s historic wildlife collection, live cameras in bird boxes and feeders, and the chance to find out about the life on the River Calder.

Take a look at life underground with the Burrowers display, which reveals some of the secrets of our underground animals. Find out what the badgers, moles and rabbits are doing under our feet. What do they do? Where do they sleep? What do their eat? You will find the answers to all these questions and many more as you explore their secret world.

See wildlife in its natural habitat across Burnley from parkland to wild moorland. The fascinating cabinet displays may show the sparrow hawk and its prey, a barn owl hunting or the red box with his bushy tail on the prowl for food.

Learn more about the conservation in the area and see which birds and animals have been lost and which have been gained.

And there is also lots of wildlife based interactive play for young people and even adults if they want to join in. Find out where our wildlife lives, learn about their life cycles or try your hand at pond dipping. Have a go at making bird and insect boxes and find out what we can do to help our local birds and insects, particularly our native black bees in the hives at Offshoots in Towneley’s walled garden.

A programme of major repairs to Towneley Hall will take place from October 2022 and will be completed in early 2025. Find out how the repair works will affect public access to the building and its appearance.

A reduced entry fee of £2.75 per adult is in place due to conservation building works taking place at Towneley Hall.

All areas of the Hall will be open to the public with the exception of the Regency Rooms, Medieval Long Gallery and Great Hall. Visitors will still be able to see the Victorian Kitchen and the stunning Art Gallery. The eclectic collections including an Egyptian Mummy, the Whalley Abbey Vestments, Lancashire-oak made furniture, Pilkington’s Pottery and the Towneley Bear are also still fully accessible.