Towneley Hall

  • red regency room

From the Priest’s Hole to the attic, Towneley Hall is fascinating with period rooms covering several centuries of life at the hall.

See the cat fast asleep by the range in the Victorian kitchen, stroll along the long gallery past bedrooms dating back to the 16th Century, imagine the glamorous parties held in the regency rooms or have a quiet moment in the Towneley chapel.

The hall was the family home of the Towneley’s for nearly five centuries, today their stories are brought to life by our group of re-enactors who uncover their dramas, triumphs and tragedies and characters such as Richard Towneley (1629 – 1707); Francis Towneley (1709 – 1746); Charles Towneley (1737 – 1805) and General James Yorke-Scarlett ( 1799- 1871).

Owned, managed and financed by Burnley Borough Council, the hall is popular all year round with residents and visitors who come from near and far to see what this iconic landmark has to offer.

It is praised for its breath-taking surroundings, extensive range of events and extraordinary exhibitions including the Chandelier of Lost Earrings, which was voted the nation’s favourite piece of art by National Lottery Awards.