5k route at Towneley Park


Burnley Borough Council has provided a clearly marked 5-kilometre route which circulates in the scenic and historic landscape of Towneley Park.  The idea was generated by the organisers of the Burnley Park Run, which is a free community event that takes place weekly in the park.  The organisers had seen marker posts in other venues and were keen to get them at Towneley Park.  We wanted to make this a route for all users regardless of ability and type of exercise.  The marker posts have been made using recycled plastic and the acrylic plaque features are our own unique design.

Free fitness for all

The great thing about this route is that it is accessible for all, whether you are walking, in a wheelchair, running or cycling.  By following the route, you will take in beautiful views, meet people along the way, increase your fitness and overall wellbeing.  Furthermore, it is family friendly because all the surfaces are good, and it is away from the roads.

The 5k route

The marked-out route begins at the top of The Avenue next to the gate.  If the centre of the Hall is behind you, you are in the right place.  There is a map of the route mounted on the gate post next to the starter marker.  It would be well worth spending a couple of minutes looking at this to familiarise yourself with the route.  You can view the map in advance by clicking here and by watching the video .

General information

Please note that the paths on this route are for all park users and no priority is necessarily given to those doing the 5k route.  Keep in mind that others may not hear you so you might need to give extra space or ring a bell.  For information about parking and more information about the park please click here.