Friends of Towneley Park

  • Friends of towneley

The Friends group is a registered charity whose purpose is to improve the facilities and the environment of Towneley Park by working in partnership with Burnley Council.

Membership is open to any user of Towneley Park

The main activities of the group are :

  • To promote the benefits of Towneley Park for all visitors and users.
  • To contribute to events in the park.
  • To meet and discuss with park users issues relating to the park.
  • To help maintain and improve all aspects of the park.
  • To support the council’s role in the park.
  • To publicise the park.
  • To help improve visitors’ understanding and enjoyment of the park’s heritage.

Members meet regularly to organise activities within the park that are available to all users. To find out more please visit the Friends of Towneley Park group website.