David Jolly (1894-1916)

David was one of those from Burnley Lads’ Club who followed its leader HD Riley into the Army. He went into action 1st July, 1916: “When they advanced heavy rifle and machine gun fire was opened in enfilade. A heavy artillery barrage was also placed on our front line trenches. From information brought back by the wounded it appeared that only a few reached the enemy front line.” David was wounded and died eight days later.

A double wedding

The double wedding of James Sullivan (1889-1973) and Ellen Nichols (1893-1971), and of John Nichols (1890-1969) and Nelly De Maine (1893-1978) was held in May 1915. In the picture, John and Nelly are on the right. Both men were members of Burnley Lads’ Club and both survived the war. James could be persuaded to play war games but always refused to be a German. James and Ellen’s sons died: one in infancy, one in World War ll. John was firm but Read more>>