Mon 5th Jun 2017 -
Fri 30th Jun 2017


Exbibition by local artist Naomi Neale

Towneley exhibition Hunting Kestrel, Naomi Neale Burnley

Spectacular wildlife is taking centre stage in the latest exhibition at Towneley Hall.

Hunting kestrel, resting fox and boxing hares are among the animals on display, consigned to canvas by Todmorden-based artist Naomi Neale.

Residents and visitors are invited to come along and get up close to creatures that don’t always hang around long enough for close scrutiny.

The exhibition also features familiar scenes of Pennine Moors, including Stoodley Pike and Slack Top.

Naomi, known as The Calder Crafter, draws her inspiration from the local wildlife and countryside and knows how to capture it perfectly in watercolour.

All paintings displayed in the exhibition are up for sale by the artist.

Naomi, who also makes artisan silver jewellery, said: “I spend a lot of my time exploring the local countryside with binoculars and sketchbook in hand. From wooded valleys to stark moorland, still lakes to babbling brooks, each habitat has its own selection of shy and brazen wildlife to be captivated and inspired by.

“Working mainly in watercolour, I try to capture the essence of the scene using various techniques to create light and texture. For each painting I carefully consider many things such as which techniques.

“I’ll use, the composition, the colour pallet and so on. Only after these considerations are made I will pick up a brush. I always try to keep my paintings fluid and fresh.”

Towneley Hall manager Ken Darwen said: “It’s a great compelling exhibition that captures the spirit of wildlife and the serenity of the environments in which those animals live. I’d like to encourage everyone to visit Towneley Hall and see these fantastic paintings.”