Sat 8th Jun 2019 -
Mon 30th Sep 2019

12.00 - 16.00

Becca Who

Becca Who is an Artist and Textile Designer, based in Burnley, Lancashire. Her artwork is featured on luxury textiles including ladies’ and men‘s accessories with her collection of home wares being launched in 2019. The Edge Of Nature exhibition showcases a beautiful and intriguing collection of Becca’s art and textiles, including the unveiling of stunning home ware products.

Much of Becca’s inspiration comes from being outdoors in our local countryside, with the Lancashire landscape and prolific wildlife providing ample subject matter for her original creations. The artworks not only depict her love of nature, but are often infused with a subtle sense of mysticism and story telling that is rooted in the Lancashire hills – a creative homage to a landscape steeped in a history, literature and folklore.

Composing patterns from her artistic elements, Becca produces detailed textile designs for her range of products. Borne of a love of Maximalism, her textiles are often intricately decorative and of rich colour palettes.  Becca’s distinctive style is appreciated by nature lovers far and wide, with her online boutique selling to customers around the world.